I Got a Side Job This Weekend

Of course I have been working fairly steady, playing for whoever needs a bass player or some of the time I play drums. This weekend I did not play anything, but instead I tended bar at this enormous wedding. A guy that I know who works for Doerman photography called me up and asked if I had anything. It was the morning of the wedding and the mother of the bride was having a real fit. I have worked at a lot of bars in my life and this was not a big deal, however it did not go without incident. This was more like a huge party than a normal wedding and I am pretty sure that a lot of the people there were not invited. They were not all dressed up for the occasion. A lot of them were wearing t shirts and jeans, and seemed to be obviously interested in all of the free beer.

I would guess that there were around three hundred people that were supposed to be there. Instead of spending a huge sum on catering they had burgers and hot dogs, barbecue and pizza. Most of all they seemed to want to make sure that no one was thirsty. When I got there they had three beer trucks unloading beer by the keg and the can. There were dozens of tubs of cold ice. Someone told me that the father of the bride was some sort of big shot at a radio station and those guys always have really close relationships with the beer distributors in their area. I am pretty sure that they were getting the beer more or less for free. They had a lot of liquor too, but not enough once all of the wedding crashers started to show up.

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